Pivotal Summit 2019 is coming to Singapore! Join us for valuable facetime with expert Pivotal speakers and industry thought leaders in both traditional presentation and informal conversations. We'll discuss the latest developments in DevOps, CI/CD, application development, cloud architectures, legacy modernisation, and more. Spanning across five countries, this event will feature best practices for business leaders and practical insights for technical experts. Learn the foundations to build quality software that matters.

Who Should Attend?

  • Enterprise executives and leaders looking to learn how to help their organisations become a software-driven business

  • Technical managers or executives looking to educate themselves and transform their teams with the latest software development tools and methods

  • Developers, operators, architects, and data scientists looking to hear the latest developments in CI/CD, application development, cloud architectures, and legacy modernisation

Why Attend?

  • Leaders: How can you cut through the hype around digital transformation and build the software your customers and users want? For business or IT leaders looking to instigate change, Pivotal Summit 2019 is the place to collaborate with like-minded leaders, hear real-world use cases, and find out what’s working.

  • Cloud Engineers: Pivotal Summit 2019 is uniquely focused on the intersection of tools and technology with processes and practices. Hear about the technologies that are powering enterprise-grade clouds. Learn how to build a cloud platform that lets your developers ship code more frequently. Find out how successful cloud platform teams are operating and engaging with their developer communities.

  • Developers: You put your heart into building incredible software every day, but you want to go deeper. Come to Pivotal Summit 2019 to learn the latest in Spring, modern .NET, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, cloud, serverless, streaming data, and distributed systems.


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Business Track: In the morning we will discuss how organisations and governments can transform the way they build and run their most important software applications leveraging a cloud-native platform, developer tools, data insights, and modern methodologies.

Technical Track: The afternoon brings the best cloud-native Java content from our flagship SpringOne Platform 2019 conference directly to you. Learn about both traditional monolithic and modern, cloud-native Java from the source.





Chua Ipin, AVP & Country Manager SA, Pivotal

Keynotes: Delivering Better Software, Faster

Lionel Lim, Vice President and Managing Director APJ, Pivotal
Our keynote speakers will take to the stage to discuss how organisations are transforming the way they build, manage and run their most important applications, enabling them to deliver better, more maintainable software, faster.



The Evolution of a Platform

Sachin Shridhar, VP Americas Services & APJ CSO, Pivotal
Shaun Norris, Field CIO APJ, Pivotal
Jerome Walter, Field CISO APJ, Pivotal

This session will discuss Pivotal's platform evolution and provide insights into Pivotal's product roadmap, including the latest version of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Session To Be Announced


Deploy on Friday!

David Varvel, Director of Pivotal Labs Singapore, Pivotal
Many organisations are implementing no-deploy Fridays. Nobody wants to be paged on Sunday morning at 3am for a disruptive issue with software you released on Friday. But is simply stopping to deliver software altogether the solution? Is it really fair to your customers to release that same software on Monday? In this session we’ll discuss the strategies, practices and processes you can leverage within your organisation to empower your software development teams to release quality software faster, meet customer requirements and sometimes even embrace failure.

Lunch & Registration



Vish Phaneendra, Head of Platform Architecture SA, Pivotal

Cloud Native Operations on Kubernetes

Paul Czarkowski, Principal Technologist, Pivotal
Operations practices have historically lagged behind development. Agile and Extreme Programming have become common practice for development teams. In the last decade, the DevOps and SRE movements have brought these concepts to operations, borrowing heavily from Lean principles such as Kanban and Value Stream Mapping. So, how does all of this play out if we’re using Kubernetes?

The Reactive Revolution

Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
The reactive revolution continues. For as much as we've been talking about reactive programming in Spring for the last few years the journey has only just begun. Join Josh Long, and we'll take our reactive applications further, looking at how to build microservices for cloud platforms like PAS (Cloud Foundry) and PKS (Kubernetes). Some of the things we may cover include: - reactive NoSQL data access - reactive SQL data access with R2DBC - orchestration and reliability patterns like client-side load balancing, circuit breakers, and hedging - messaging and service integration with Apache Kafka or RSocket - API gateways with Spring Cloud Gateway and patterns like rate limiting - API adapters - serverless programming with Spring Cloud Function and project Riff - reactive authentication and authorisation with Spring Security.

To Strangle or Not To Strangle: Tackling the Monolith

This session will explore how organisations can tackle legacy applications, evaluating the approaches of rewriting, buying off the shelf, doing nothing, containerising and even strangling.



Drinking from the Stream: How to Use Messaging Platforms for Scalability & Performance

Mark Heckler, Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Most mission-critical systems have distributed elements or are entirely distributed, resulting in a number of challenges: performance, scalability, reliability, resilience...the eight fallacies of distributed computing are alive and well! Messaging platforms are often used to solve these problems and increase the "ilities", but they don't come without a few complexities of their own. Come to this session to learn how to leverage open source solutions like Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, & Apache Kafka to maximise your distributed systems' capabilities while minimising complexity. All examples will be coded *live & in real-time*!

Session To Be Announced


Living on the Edge With Spring Cloud Gateway

Spencer Gibb, Spring Cloud Core Co-Lead, Pivotal
Building upon Project Reactor, Spring WebFlux, and Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Cloud Gateway offers Spring Cloud users an impressive set of features and functionality for cloud native applications. In comparison to Zuul from Spring Cloud Netflix, Spring Cloud Gateway provides a much more flexible API for configuring the edge service of your applications. In addition, functionality such as rate limiting and websocket routing are supported out of the box. During this session we will introduce Spring Cloud Gateway and demonstrate its potential impact on your cloud applications.


Day Ends


We are excited to introduce the exciting line up of speakers who will be presenting at Pivotal Summit 2019 Singapore.

Lionel Lim
Sachin Shridhar
Shaun Norris
Jerome Walter
Chua Ipin
David Varvel
Vish Phaneendra
Paul Czarkowski
Josh Long
Mark Heckler
Spencer Gibb

Getting There

Pivotal Summit 2019 Singapore is taking place in the Orchid Ballroom, located on level 4 of the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The MBS is easily accessible by a variety of transport options:

Train - MRT
Marina Bay Sands is linked directly to CE1/DT16 Bayfront Station on the Circle Line and Downtown Line of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train system. MRT services to/from Bayfront Station operate daily from (approximately) 6:00am to 12:00am midnight. Visit the TransitLink Journey Planner to learn today's MRT service schedules to Bayfront Station.

Exits at Bayfront Station:
Exit A - Connects to Bayfront Avenue street level.
Exit A - Connects to Gardens by the Bay.
Exits C & D - Connect to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (1 minute walk), Sands Expo & Convention Centre (3 minute walk), the Hotel (5 minute walk), Sands SkyPark (10 minute walk), ArtScience Museum (10 minute walk), and Sands Theatre (10 minute walk). Signs direct the way to each location and other attractions at Marina Bay Sands.
Exit E - Connects to Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

Marina Bay Sands is serviced by the following bus routes:
97 / 106 / 518 / 133 / 502 (every day)
97E / 502A / 518A (every day except Sat, Sun & public holidays)
NR1 / NR6 (late night Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays)

The following bus stops are located at Marina Bay Sands on Bayfront Avenue:
03509 - Marina Bay Sands Hotel (outside Hotel Lobby Tower 2)
03501 - Marina Bay Sands Theatre (outside Sands Theatre, opposite Hotel Lobby Tower 3)
03511 - Marina Bay Sands MICE (outside Sands Expo & Convention Centre, opposite Hotel Lobby Tower 1)
03519 - Opp. Marina Bay Sands MICE (opposite Sands Expo & Convention Centre, adjacent to Hotel Lobby Tower 1)

Two street underpasses and the Garden Bay Bridge over Bayfront Avenue link between the Hotel side and the convention centre, theatres and retail mall side.



Thanks for confirming your registration. We look forward to seeing you there.


Orchid Ballroom, Level 4
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956