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November 1,  2018
Adopting the Rituals of a
Product-Driven and Digital Culture
Two technology leaders from DICK’S Sporting Goods, Jay Piskorik, Director of Platform Engineering, and J. P. White, Director of Engineering, sat down with Jeff Kelly at SpringOne Platform 2018 to discuss how working with Pivotal helped them achieve outcomes and continuous innovation that would set them ahead of the pack with customers.
How to Measure Software’s Ability to Deliver Value
What if a 5-minute survey could set you on a path towards saving 20% or more of your IT budget? And what if this survey could also compare your software team to others in the same industry? Introducing the Benchmark, a quantitative framework of measurable indicators designed to gauge how well an organization builds software that delivers business value.
 Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.7 is GA
Audit trails, new GUI, Kubernetes CronJob integration, streaming application DSL, and more! Learn about all of the features with this new release.
Does Your Platform Engineering Team Have a Train Driver?
Learn about the role of “Train Driver,” and how it's helped the CloudOps group at Pivotal improve the life of our on-call engineers.
Three Myths About Digital Accessibility
Raquel Breternitz of Pivotal DC breaks down the three big myths about digital accessibility and why it's so important in product design. 
Modernizing .NET Applications
Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product for Pivotal, explains how to responsibly modernize .NET apps so that you can consolidate your environments, add new functionality, upgrade and patch your dependencies, and automate parts of the delivery cycle.
This Month in Spring
Josh Long breaks down all the exciting things that happened with Spring this last month. 
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