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AUGUST, 2,  2018
Istio 1.0 is Now GA! 
 Istio 1.0 is now GA. Here's what it does, why it matters, and why we're adding it to Cloud Foundry and other projects to make your life better.
Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Spinnaker
In the first part of this multi-part series, Paul Czarkowski takes you step-by-step on how you can create a continuous delivery pipeline with Netflix's Spinnaker. 
The .NET Developer’s Guide to SpringOne Platform 2018
As a .NET developer, you may not think of SpringOne Platform as a conference you'd want to attend. Think again. Tim Hess breaks down must-attend sessions for .NET developers at SpringOne Platform 2018:
Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 is GA
Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 includes PCF Scheduler Integration, Kubernetes 1.10 and Spring Boot 2.0 compatibility and CI/CD Improvements. Learn about all of the new features and more with this latest release. 
This Month in Spring
Josh Long breaks down what's new in Spring and what to keep your eye on. 
Passing the (Automated) Test at Garmin with Jonathan Regehr (Ep. 76)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Jonathan Regehr, an architect at Garmin, updates Jeff and Dormain on the company's progress, shares some thoughts on shifting security and QA left,  and explains how Garmin is approaching managing its data in a cloud-native way. 
Pivotal Greenplum 5.10 Introduces Greenplum-Kafka Connector for Real Time Data Loading
Learn about the Greenplum-Kafka Connector, the headline feature of Pivotal Greenplum 5.10. Ivan Novick breaks it down. 
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