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February 7,  2019
How Two Operators are Continuously Patching Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Deep dive into how Cerner and Wells Fargo are securing their platforms and how and why you should follow their lead.
The Elements of Highly Effective Pair Programming
Steven Solomon, Senior Software Engineer from Pivotal New York, explains setting expectations, common patterns of pair programming, and how to get your pair programming session unstuck.
Root Cause of an Application Outage on Kubernetes, and How We Fixed It
Outages happen to all applications—it’s just a part of running imperfect software and imperfect humans. Matt Cowger, Platform Architect from Pivotal San Francisco, deep dives into an outage one application took while running on Kubernetes, how his team determined the root cause, and how they fixed it.
Optimistic About Innovation with John Mitchell of Duke Energy
John Mitchell of Duke Energy joins Coté on this week's episode of Pivotal Conversations to chat about their approach to exploring and building strategy—all the way from corporate strategy down to writing code.
Forbes: Kubernetes Culture Change
Why moving to Kubernetes will require a big culture shift, featuring Senior Vice President of Strategy James Watters.
Pivotal Data Science
Learn about our unique approach to data science to optimize your business outcomes.
CRN: The 20 Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors Of The 2019
We're excited to be named one of CRN's 20 Coolest Cloud Vendors of 2019.
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