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January 11,  2019
Early Adoption Plus Scale is a Winning Combo for Pivotal and Accenture
Ryan Johnson, Associate Director at Accenture, chats with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018.
A Digital Transformation Story within the World's Largest Bureaucracy
Adam Furtado, Chief Product Officer at the U.S. Air Force deep dives into how they're getting more agile.
Want to Run .NET Framework Apps on a Modern Platform with an SMB Network Share?
Learn how easy it is to implement net use within a cloud-native .NET microservice.
Scaling Digital Transformation in the Enterprise with Pivotal and Accenture
This week, Mik Freedman and Joey Sabani , members of our Agile Practice Leadership Enablement team, join Jeff and Dormain to talk about Pivotal's joint work with Accenture, the global consulting firm.
Hack Your Culture to Drive Quality and DevOps Success
Why application leaders responsible for delivering digital business applications must hack their development culture to enable modern quality practices and DevOps success.
Serverless Computing for Enterprises: Start Small and Think About Data
Why the goal for IT leaders is to help developers focus their excitement over serverless on the right applications.
Modernize . NET Apps for a Microservices Architecture
Why Steeltoe is .NET for the modern age.
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