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JuNE  21,  2018
Dear Graduates, You’re Not “Junior Developers”
Josh McKenty, Vice President of Technology for Cloud Foundry, explains why new graduates shouldn't think of themselves as junior developers. 
Hybrid Cloud Demands Consistency
We've teamed up with Microsoft to bring you this Forrester report on the state of the hybrid cloud, concerns with using multiple cloud platforms, and more. 
What’s the Best Way to Pair?
Maya Rosecrance, Software Engineer at Pivotal London and Sarah Connor, Software Engineer at Pivotal London try to figure out the best way to approach pair programming. 
Solving the Conundrum of Containers and Databases (Ep. 72)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, SnappyData's Jags Ramnarayan joins Jeff and Dormain to talk through the promise and perils of containerized databases.
MySQL for PCF v2.3 Protects Your Data with TLS, Adds Synchronous Replication for Leader-Follower
MySQL 2.3 for PCF aims to ease the pain associated with microservices database management. Learn what it can do for you. 
Making Sense of Text Analytics with Pivotal Greenplum and the New GPText 3.0
Having trouble unlocking the value of your text data? Learn why the new GPText 3.0 is the answer.
When to Use Redis and When to Use Pivotal Cloud Cache
Jag Mirani breaks down when to use Redis and when Pivotal Cloud Cache is the better pick. 
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