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JuNE  6,  2018
Acquisitions — What to Consider
Thomas Squeo, Senior Vice President for Digital Transformation and Digital Architecture at West, breaks down what to consider in the midst of an acquisition process.
Autonomous IT with Dynatrace
Alois Reitbauer joins Jeff Kelly at SpringOne Platform 2018 to explain what IT will be like in the future and more.
No, You Can't Cheat the CAP Theorem, But Pivotal Cloud Cache on PCF Comes Close
PCC on PCF is uniquely positioned to be able to offer both strong consistency and good availability. This opens up possibilities for supporting new types of horizontally scalable data-intensive applications that were very difficult to achieve until now.
A New Model for Databases to Satisfy Both Dev and Ops (Ep. 70)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Pivotal's Joshua McKenty and Microsoft's Ulrich Homann join Dormain to discuss database challenges facing both developers and ops teams, and how a new approach can help satisfy the needs of both groups.
At Garmin, Developers Are Learning to Let Go and Love Automation
How automation is making life easier for developers at Garmin.
What Are SLIs and Error Budgets and What Do They Mean?
What these terms mean and how they apply to your platform monitoring strategy. 
Pivotal Partner Days: An Event Not To Be Missed
Johannes Bräuer of Dynatrace summarizes Pivotal Partner Days and why it's a must-attend event.
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