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December 27,  2018
Avoid App Restarts with Dynamic Egress Policies in PCF 2.4.
Do you wish you could apply a simple egress network policy on an app in Cloud Foundry, without requiring an app restart? Want greater control over how the apps in a given space access an external service? Now you can, with a new beta feature in Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4: dynamic egress policies.
MySQL for PCF 2.5 is Now GA
With this new release, high availability via Galera clustering takes center stage.
Keeping the Lines Open
Why communication and camaraderie are necessary for a distributed team.
Everyone Runs Kubernetes Or Is Going To
James Governor of RedMonk on why Kubernetes is both the present and the future for enterprises. 
Safety at Speed
Boeing discusses their journey of adopting Cloud Foundry and multi-datacenter availability and more in their SpringOne panel.
For Manulife/John Hancock, Agility Isn’t Just for Software Development
Ryan Fox, Director of Platform Engineering at Manulife/John Hancock, sits down with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018 to chat about how agility manifests itself throughout the company, and how its effects are being felt throughout.
eWeek: Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4 Boosts Security With Compliance Scanner
eWeek featured the release of PCF 2.4,  how it updates its Cloud Foundry cloud-native application delivery and management platform with zero downtime upgrade capabilities and also introduces a new compliance scanner to improve security.
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