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JuNE 15,  2018
Karl Sobylak of Conduent at Built to Adapt Live, PostGres Summit 2018
Karl Sobylak, Senior Director of Data Analytics at Conduent, talks to Jeff Kelly on how Conduent uses advanced analytics and data science to help its clients proactively avoid legal trouble.
The 3 Stages to Observability for Modern Apps
Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, breaks down the 3 stages to observability for modern apps.
Pay Transparency and Pay Equity — New Measures and Progress
Joe Militello, Pivotal's Chief People Officer explains our approach to pay transparency, our commitment to pay equity and what we're doing to support equitable compensation.
Beware of Superheroes and Resume-Driven Development
(Ep. 71)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Chad Sakac joins Jeff and Dormain  to chat about the importance of focusing on business outcomes to achieve digital transformation success, why a superhero-led team usually isn't the best approach, and how to choose the right platform abstractions.
Say Hello to Pivotal Ready Architecture from Dell EMC
Learn about Pivotal Ready Architecture (PRA) 1.1 from Dell EMC, the easy button for Pivotal Cloud Foundry in your data center.
A Journey With Greenplum and Kubernetes
Dan Baskette breaks down where Greenplum and Kubernetes has been, and where it's going to go.
How the CredHub Service Broker Handles Your Sensitive Credentials
Learn how the CredHub Service Broker applies the principle of least privilege to your sensitive credentials.
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