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October 18,  2018
Reducing Build Times From Days to Minutes 
Matt Swann, CTO at StubHub, deep dives into StubHub's digital transformation journey at SpringOne Platform 2018.
Making Multi-Cloud a Reality at
Brendan Aye and James Webb sat down with Jeff Kelly on the Pivotal Stories stage at SpringOne Platform 2018 to chat about the T-Mobile’s approach to its multi-cloud strategy, how it thinks about the relationship between PAS and PKS, and why chaos engineering ensures the platform team is ready for anything.
“It’s not clothes, it’s confidence”
This week on That Moment, Doree chats with Maggie Winter, co-Founder of AYR, a brand that designs seasonless apparel for everyday life. Next, Mindy Sheier, Founder of Runway of Dreams, talks about how she was moved to act when her differently-abled son was the only kid in his school who couldn't wear a cool pair of jeans.
Expert Insight on Hybrid Cloud
James Maguire chats with our own Josh McKenty and Forrester's Dave Bartoletti to discuss key issues in hybrid cloud computing, customer expectations, and how hybrid will likely evolve in the future.
Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker
Jon Schneider, Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal explains how Spinnaker can help you in a multi-cloud world. 
Why Serverless Matters to Your Enterprise
Take a quick look at common use cases of serverless and learn how to run functions in your data center. 
Everyone Should Be Able to Use Your Software: Part 1, History
Raquel Breternitz, Senior Designer at Pivotal DC, on the importance of software inclusivity. 
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