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July 12,  2018
Why You Need App Transformation
Learn how our unique approach helps you transform legacy apps to accelerate your cloud-native journey and go fast, forever.
How Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.2 Helps You Improve the Metrics that Matter
Now that Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.2 is GA, check out all of the new features with this release. 
Automation is the Answer at Scotiabank
How Scotiabank is modernizing its approach to software development.
This Month in Spring: July
Josh Long breaks down the latest and greatest this month in Spring. 
Modernizing .NET Apps with Magenic's Rocky Lhotka (Ep. 74)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Dormain and Jeff chat with Rocky Lotka, CTO at Magenic, on his thoughts on when and how to modernize your legacy .NET applications, why the twelve factors aren't just for Java applications, and why .NET and Java aren't so different after all.
Conversant Processes 200 Billion Events Per Day With Pivotal Greenplum
Conversant's John Conley and Shaun Litt discuss their approach to analytics and data science with Pivotal Greenplum and why it's a key approach to Conversant's infrastructure. 
Why Open Service Broker API is so Useful
In this white paper, explore the technical design of the Open Service Broker API and describe use cases, best practices, and workflows that this API unlocks for your applications.
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