Executive Roundtable with Pivotal & Confluent

December 4, 2019  •  Chicago



Event Intro

Microservices, events, containers, and orchestrators are dominating our vernacular today. As operations teams adapt to support these technologies in production, cloud-native platforms like Pivotal Platform (Pivotal Application Service and Pivotal Container Service) and distributed data systems, like Apache Kafka, have quickly risen to serve as force multipliers of automation, productivity and business value.

Companies across the world are using Kafka + Spring Boot + Pivotal Platform to achieve continuous delivery for mainframe and monolithic RDBMS data, multi DC replication, real-time microservices alerting and auditability. This powerful partnership is a common denominator for many of the technology paradigm shifts occurring today: adoption of the public cloud; breaking the monolith into microservices; the rise of mobile-first; IoT; and the move from batch to real-time.

On December 4, we will have executives from Confluent and Pivotal elaborate on the evolution in each of these areas, illustrate how the business is impacted and share what enterprises should be doing to compete, grow and transform as these ubiquitous shifts take shape.

This roundtable will explore:

  • Why run cloud-native platforms on Kubernetes?
  • How to take advantage of multi-cloud while limiting risk
  • Tips to determine the path forward for legacy monoliths in your application portfolio
  • Automate end-to-end operations with Confluent Operator
  • Accelerate development projects with Spring for Apache Kafka


4:00-4:30 Registration & Networking
4:30-5:30 Customer Roundtable with Pivotal & Confluent
5:30-6:30 Cocktails & Networking
6:30-7:00 Event Wraps


Cornelia Davis, Vice President of Technology
Cornelia Davis is Vice President of Technology at Pivotal, where she works on the technology strategy for both Pivotal and for Pivotal customers. Through engagement across Pivotal’s broad customer base, Cornelia develops core cloud platform strategies that drive significant change in enterprise organizations, and influence the Pivotal Cloud Foundry evolution. Currently, she is working on ways to bring the various cloud-computing models of Infrastructure as a Service, Application as a Service, Container as a Service and Function as a Service together into a comprehensive offering that allows IT organizations to function at the highest levels. She is the author of the book Cloud Native: Designing Change-tolerant Software by Manning Publications.
Brian Likosar, Manager, Systems Engineering
Brian is an open source expert who brings deep technical knowledge combined with a passion for working at the intersection of people and technology. Prior to joining Confluent, he spent 10 years at Red Hat working across a broad range of technologies and has worn many hats, including helping hundreds of customers with Linux, OpenShift, and Ansible.


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