Cloud-Native Strategy Workshop

June 7, 2017 • Washington, DC

You'd like to improve how your organization or agency writes and runs software. Like most large organizations, you're expected to deliver software that delivers on ever evolving requirements while remaining stable and resilient. Putting an agile and DevOps approach in practice can be difficult in larger, older organizations, but it’s well worth the time and effort, and Pivotal is here to help. For years, we’ve helped enterprises and government agencies improve how they design, write, and run software by partnering with customers on product design and development.

In this one day workshop, you'll learn how commercial and government customers like The Home Depot, IRS, Ford, and GE, among many others, are standardizing their cloud-native approach with Pivotal. It's much more than just installing software and deploying code: as these organizations have proven, improving how your organization builds software starts with organizational changes that take advantage of the new cloud-native principals and capabilities. Whether your applications are staying on-premises or moving to a public cloud, these principles will help you build more scalable, resilient, and adaptable systems that drive competitive advantage.

The day will start with an overview of best - and worst! - practices that organizations have applied as they've improved their software process. This first half is based on several years of experience partnering with companies on their cloud-native journey. The second half will cover the architectural and code-level cloud-native practices. Over the day you'll understand the cloud-native approach to software, technologies like Spring Boot and Cloud, and how Pivotal Cloud Foundry can support your organization's software needs.

Come hear how shifting to a cloud-native approach has tripled Citi's software delivery speed and reduced Comcast's production incidents by 50%. It's all complimentary, and includes breakfast and lunch.


9:00-9:30am Breakfast & Introduction
9:30-11:30am Transforming Government Agencies into Cloud-Native Organization @Cote
11:30-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-2:30pm Modernizing Application Development Strategies in Government @MkHeck


We look forward to you joining us.

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