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March 29, 2018

The Most Important Company You've Never Heard Of
A cloud-native approach to software can give you speed without sacrificing security. Learn how Merrill Corporation worked with Pivotal to adopt this modern way of working.
PCF 2.1 is now GA
Get the full rundown of PCF 2.1 highlights.
Sport Relief: Meet the Tech Platform Making the Millions of Donations Possible Tonight
The Evening Standard features how Pivotal helps the UK-based charity, Sport Relief process 200 to 300 donations per second.
The Twelve-Factor App, with Nate Schutta (Ep. 98)
Part of what defines an application as "cloud-native" is an application and management style described by "the 12 factors," with each of them are just the tip of the iceberg of recommendations. Coté and Nate Schutta talk what's under the waterline and more in this episode of Pivotal Conversations.
PCF 2.1 and the Quest for a One Pizza Ops Team
What you can expect from Ops Manager and BOSH Backup & Restore.
Boeing and the Three Es of Digital Transformation
Learn the strategy used to transform the leading aerospace company for the digital age.
Real-time Object-Detection With Spring Cloud Stream
How can you leverage ML/DL to deliver richer business solutions to your customers? The answer? Spring Cloud Data Flow and Spring Cloud Stream. 
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