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August 19, 2016

Spring Won Platform: The Big Switch Just Happened

James Governor talks about the industry shift to software transformation and his eye-opening experience at SpringOne Platform in his Redmonk blog post.

Greg Otto
How Comcast Transformed the Product Delivery Experience
In his SpringOne Platform keynote, Greg Otto gives  a walkthrough on how Comcast was able to transform their product delivery experience through their work with Pivotal.
Jeff Kelly
A Recipe for Smart Applications

In his Pivotal blog post, Jeff Kelly explains the formula of the conceptual framework for operationalizing Big Data.

Cornelia Davis Quote 2
A Tale of Two Ladies: On Generating Opportunity for Women in Tech

From her keynote at SpringOne Platform, Cornelia Davis discusses her personal journey and the importance of encouraging women to pursue computer science careers.

Pivotal Conversations

Spring Sleuth

Sleuth, based on Zipkin, is a framework for distributed tracing which turns out to be handy for the types of architectures we see in cloud native applications, particularly microservices. Learn all about it in this conversation with Marcin Grzejszczak.

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