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OCTOBER 13, 2016
Volkswagen Picks Pivotal

From Computer World UK, read why Volkswagen has picked Pivotal over HPE for platform as a service cloud.

20 Pivotal Books for Designers

The canonical books for Product Designers at Pivotal Labs. Check them out, add some to your own library, and then tell us which books you can’t work without.

Introducing Steeltoe RC1, A Microservices Toolkit for .NET

Steeltoe—a new open source project—aims to ease microservices adoption for .NET developers, using the same NetflixOSS technology that is popular in the Java world. Because Steeltoe is essentially an adapter between the .NET framework and Spring-based NetflixOSS tooling, the project offers additional efficiencies to enterprises that use both Java and .NET.

Insights Ep 4
Dreamforce and Data Huggers

In this Pivotal Insights episode, host Jeff Kelly talks with Dormain Drewitz, Head of Marketing for Pivotal’s data business, contemplating the data hugger mindset and proposes some strategies for changing hearts and minds when it comes to sharing data. Also covered: Salesforce’s AI efforts and the wider implications for the blending of insights with applications.

Pivotal Academy
Technical Training Without Traveling!

Pivotal Academy's lab-based curriculum provides a learning environment that is uniquely designed to enhance your product knowledge and expand your skill-set. Classes are scheduled through December and include many virtual sessions—meaning you don't have to travel during the hectic holiday season.

Platform Switch
“Platform Switch” for Enterprise Java Apps

In order to modernize software development to meet the needs and speeds of today’s digital business, companies are forced to replatform their existing software. This “Platform Switch” is a big undertaking. This post details some project advice and technical tips for migrating Java applications to behave in a cloud-native way.

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