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August 5, 2016
SpringOne Platform is a Wrap!

SpringOne Platform was a great success, from the keynotes and sessions, to the food and games. Read these recaps to see what everyone is talking about.

Rob Mee Business Insider
From Working with Google to Home Depot, This is the Story of Pivotal CEO Rob Mee
Business Insider details the story of Pivotal and CEO Rob Mee, from where we began, to the types of customers we work with today.
Brad Miller
Citi's Transformational Journey
Brad Miller, Head of Global Digital Technology, Consumer Digital & Cloud Technology at Citi, speaks about how the 200-year old banking institution is transforming its technology and culture.
SpringOne Day 3
Positive Sum Software and Spring’s New Bounce
Day 3 kicked off with Sam Ramji, who oversees the gestalt that is the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation—where software choice and freedom are safe, and where inclusion, participation, and accountability keep it that way. 
Adrian Cockcroft
Simplifying the Future
Adrian Cockcroft closed out SpringOne Platform with an incredible talk featuring a lot of wise takeaways. This is a must-watch for anyone who works in software.
Day 2 recap
Taking on the Monolith with People and Tech

Whether it was a “mono-horrific architecture”, how “silos are for grain,” or “cowboyism” development, the monolith took a beating at SpringOne Platform. 

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