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FEBRUARY 1, 2018

AI Is Not the End of Software Developers
A data scientist’s take on Software 2.0.
7 Recent Books That Everyone in Tech Should Read
Necessary reads on the past, present, and future of the tech industry.
You Deserve a Continuously Integrated Platform
Richard Seroter breaks down the Master Pipeline, a continuous integration platform that tests every new Ops Manager, tile, and add-ons release together on the three main public IaaS providers.
The Developer Catnip Episode
(Ep. 57)

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Josh Long joins Jeff and Dormain to discuss trends in software development in the enterprise (such as the emergence of reactive programming), preview the upcoming Spring release, share some insights from his latest book, and explain why he decided to put a Blue-eared Kingfisher on the cover.

.NET or Java — For Microsoft and its New Partners, it’s not Either, but Both
Jason De Lorme, Global Partner Business Evangelist at Microsoft, breaks down the company's growing collaboration with the Java community and open source.
Graph Processing on Greenplum Database using Apache MADlib
How Greenplum and databases like it effectively solve practical graph processing problems at scale.
Digital Transformation at Charles Schwab
Learn about Charles Schwab's journey to deliver solutions faster and more efficiently through  building agile practices and cloud ready applications.
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