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September 16, 2016

Billion-dollar US Tech Company Sets Up European Hub in London

Cara McGoogan from The Telegraph writes about our new London Hub, and the great European companies we are working with.
Agile Legal
‘Agile Legal’ in the Age of Open Source
Pivotal has been on the front line of a colossal shift in the enterprise to open source. Hear from Cyrus Wadia, Pivotal’s Associate General Counsel, about our approach to IP and Open Source.
Insights Ep 3
Tour the New Greenplum Command Center

Pivotal Insights host Jeff Kelly talks with Pivotal Greenplum’s Tim McCoy to preview the new Greenplum Command Center (GPCC), a new web-based monitoring and administration interface that is currently in beta and expected to be released later in 2016.  

DDD quote

Getting Started with Domain Driven Design

Domain Driven Design puts the focus on designing software that closely aligns with your business processes and evolves with changing business needs. This post covers the three most essential concepts that will be a required part of your basic knowledge.

Conversations Ep 33
Gigantic Stranglers & Crazy Infrastructure

This week, Pivotal's Rohit Kelapure talks with Coté and Richard Seroter about the type of analysis and, then, types patterns he and his team use to "break up the monolith."

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