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January 25, 2018

Should that be a Microservice? Keep These Six Factors in Mind
Nathaniel Schutta explains the trick to knowing what should be a microservice, and what shouldn't. 
Building a Company-Wide Data Culture
This iteration of our interview series features a conversation with Elena Grewal, Head of Data Science at Airbnb, where she talks building a company-wide data culture and what to do before your new data science hires start.
US military, Silicon Valley team up to advance air combat
How Pivotal and other Silicon Valley companies are giving the United States Air Force a competitive edge.
Open Source and the People Who Love It (Ep. 92)
Open source has become one of the most popular ways of producing and maintaining software. What are the advantages for developers, and how should organizations evaluate the long term viability of open source projects? Coté and Richard Seroter discuss these topics, plus take a look back at the history of commercialized open source in this episode.
Positive Sum Games, The Hard Part
Chip Childers, CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, speaks at SpringOne Platform 2017 in San Francisco.
DevOps in 2018—Opportunities and Challenges
Hear from Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud and his thoughts on DevOps at SpringOne Platform 2017.
Are You Really Listening?
In this Pivotal London talk, Leo Allen & Sarah Kelley take a look at how empathy can help change how we communicate with our colleagues and clients, and more.
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