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August 25th, 2016
Fireside Chat with Microsoft and Manulife
James Watters sits down for a Fireside Chat with Corey Sanders, Partner Director for Azure at Microsoft; Jesse Bean, VP Head of Global Innovation at Manulife; and Sebastian Blandizzi, SVP and CIO at Manulife at SpringOne Platform.
episode 2

Pivotal Insights: Episode 2

In this new episode of the Pivotal Insights Podcast, Jeff Kelly does a deep dive into data microservices with Vinicius Carvalho, a platform architect at Pivotal at the forefront of the data microservices movement.

Jeenal Shah

A Call For Diversity at Pivotal Cloud Foundry Industry Day

Inspired by Cornelia Davis’s SpringOne Platform keynote, Jeenal Shah makes the call for gender diversity at Seattle’s Industry Day on September 13th and 14th.

Jared Ruckle

BOSH Expands to Windows

BOSH has been integral in helping Linux sysadmins achieve infrastructure immutability and with this new release, Bosh expands to Windows. Jared Ruckle discusses the benefits BOSH has for Windows administrators and its importance in his Pivotal blog post.  

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