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December 8, 2016
Pivotal CEO Rob Mee Says Some Large Firms May Close Software Gap with Startups
Rob Mee sat down with the Wall Street Journal's Steve Rosenbush to discuss why he thinks big companies could become the new disruptors.
Moore’s Law and How IT is Finally Operating Outside of the Box

Stacey Schneider explains why you shouldn't be afraid to rethink the rules and traditions for your job, your company, or your industry.

The Five Stages of Cloud-Native

Let’s face it, deploying apps to the cloud can be painful. In this talk, Casey West goes through the 5 stages of cloud-native.

A Day in the Life of a Product Manager at Pivotal Labs

Caroline Hane-Weijman gives us an inside look into the life of a Product Manager at Pivotal Labs.

The Data Science Unicorn and the Balanced Team

In this episode, host Jeff Kelly talks with Ian Huston about the potential benefits of bringing data scientists into the balanced team and the best practices for doing so, and they finally put the myth of the Data Science Unicorn to rest.

DevOps for Normals

In a post-unicorn era of DevOps, as more companies start to adopt and use it, what’s working and not working? Coté presents his observations and advice on the topic, as well as a quick assessment of “the state of DevOps.” 

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