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June 23, 2016
Our First Websites

We asked some of our Pivots what was the first website they ever worked on, here are their answers. Got a good answer yourself? Tweet us @Pivotal and share.
Adopting Agile Greenplum

14 Reasons Data Pros Shouldn’t Miss SpringOne Platform

Isn’t SpringOne Platform for Java developers? If this were 2013, you’d be right. But in 2016, application development and data represent two sides of the same coin. In order for applications to deliver exceptional user experiences, they must be infused with insights gleaned from Big Data analytics and data science. That’s where SpringOne Platform 2016 comes in, with a number of sessions specifically designed to provide data professionals with the knowledge they need to collaborate with developers to create compelling, data-driven software and applications. 

All State

How Allstate Upped Productivity By Killing Meetings & Wearing T-Shirts

In this Q&A session, Pivotal’s Coté sits down with Matt Curry, the director of infrastructure products at Allstate. At the recent Cloud Foundry Summit, Matt shared how his company is addressing technology change alongside cultural transformation. The two discuss risk management, t-shirts as symbolism, communications, and much more. 

Cloud.gov’s Revolutionary Approach To Achieve Continuous Compliance

In this post, two members of 18F—the team behind Cloud.gov—explain how they apply Cloud Native development principles to disrupt the calcified process of compliance in government. Specifically, they discuss how continuous delivery streamlines the process of compliance, including documentation and security for U.S. federal government agencies. Their talk, given at the recent CF Summit, explains how they built Cloud.gov on Cloud Foundry and AWS, what major compliance bottlenecks have existed in the deployment process, and where they are breaking through the problems with new ways of thinking, which they call “continuous compliance.” 

Stephane Boisvert Joins Pivotal Canada

Pivotal’s growth is attracting some top talent. The latest notable executive to join is Stephane Boisvert. With nearly 30 years of big titles at brand name technology companies, including General Manager at IBM, President of Canada for Sun Microsystems and President of Bell Business Markets, Stephane is joining Pivotal as an Executive Advisor for Canadian companies looking to use technology as a strategic weapon to win competitive advantage.
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