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OCTOBER 05, 2017

“Fail, fail again, fail better”
In the season finale of “That Moment,” Impossible founder Lily Cole discusses her journey from renowned model to digital entrepreneur with host Michael Copeland. Next, stand-up comedian and Talk Show the Game Show host Guy Branum, who risked everything when he left behind a legal career to pursue his calling, shares why he didn’t waver when times got tough.

On Choice and Oracle Joining the Cloud Foundry Party
Dormain Drewitz reviews the three major integrations available now or coming soon with the arrival of Cloud Foundry on Oracle Cloud. 

Frequent Iteration is the Antidote to Monolithic, Big Bet Software Projects
Learn how West Corp.—the company that powers 70% of all 911 calls in the US—adopted a modern approach to their business.
Spring One Platform

PKS Brings Production-Grade Kubernetes to the Enterprise
(Ep. 45)
This week on Pivotal Insights, Pivotal's John Allwright joins Dormain and Jeff to introduce Pivotal Container Service (PKS), a new offering that eases the Day 2 operations burden for container orchestration and provides access to infrastructure primitives. John, Dormain, and Jeff also talk about the relationship between PKS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and the role VMware and Google played in developing PKS.

How PCF Metrics Helps You Reduce MTTR for Spring Boot Apps (and Save Money too)
Product Manager Judy Wang explains the new features of PCF Metrics 1.4.

A Motivating and Refreshing Approach to Software
This week for Pivotal Voices, we’re featuring Ichizo Umehara, Developer at Pivotal Tokyo.

Dell Technologies: Improving Operations and Developer Productivity with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Learn how Dell Technologies utilized Pivotal Cloud Foundry to improve their operations and developer productivity.
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