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NOVEMBER 25, 2016
Why This $3 Billion Company Wants to Put Itself Out of Business

How we built a winning strategy out of a business model most others would consider autocannibalistic.

Equal Opportunity Product Development
Lauren Gilchrist shares guiding principles on how to design products for everyone.
Start Work at 9:06 a.m.

Not 9:00 or 9:05, but 9:06. Learn more about our unique practices and culture in this article from the BBC.

Containers Ain't No Sriracha Sauce
Containers are as big a deal in the Cloud Foundry world as anywhere else; what was once an obscure method of process isolation is a good way to boost developer productivity. In this episode, CotĂ© talks with Pivotal's Onsi Fakhouri and James Bayer about containers and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. 
Partner Interview: Using Azuqua To Integrate Your Apps
We interview Azuqua's co-founder and CEO Nikhil Hasija about all things integration.
Cloud-Native Security: Rotate, Repair, Repave
Justin Smith posits that the world is not all cupcakes, unicorns, and rainbows—now more than ever, private companies are at risk of security breaches. In this talk, he proposes a solution to these threats.
Apache Geode Graduates to Top Level Project in Apache
The Apache Geode community just achieved an important milestone! Up next: Microservices.
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