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June 9, 2016

Want to Know Why Virtual Reality is Exciting? Start Here.

Last Spring we talked to virtual reality experts from Oculus Story Studio, The Virtual Reality Company, Secret Location and The Third Floor. This event was sponsored by the Television Academy, and filmed at our office in Los Angeles. If you've wanted to learn about this nascent industry, this video is a good place to start.
Cloud Foundry Comcast
Pivotal Conversations: Cloud Native Transformation at the Cloud Foundry Summit
The podcast is back and rebooted! Listen to Richard Seroter and Michael Coté talk about observations from last month’s Cloud Foundry Summit, Salesforce, the Google/Oracle Ruling, and what it’s like to eat pancakes made by a robot.
Open Source Data Warehousing

Four Reasons for CIOs to Embrace Open Source Data Warehousing

Jeff Kelly gives you context to current data warehousing discussions: "In the last ten years, we’ve witnessed the emergence of new types of databases that can handle all types of data, from structured data to unstructured data and everything in between—at speed and at scale. Most of this innovation, which is ongoing, springs from open source communities, where developers are less restrained by corporate interests and other limiting factors."
Sustainable pace quote
Be the Tortoise, Not the Hare
Matthew Kleiman, a developer at Pivotal Labs in New York, talks about what it’s like to be an engineer with attention deficit disorder. He goes into detail on how our process and sustainable pace supports people, teams, and products of all kinds.
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