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NOVEMBER 3, 2016
Stop Trying to Monetize Your Data

Dormain Drewitz explains how data can help your customers take action based on insights.

From 0 to 1000 Apps: The First Year of Cloud Foundry at The Home Depot

Anthony McCulley shares valuable lessons he learned about organizational change and driving adoption at The Home Depot.

Consumer-driven Contract Testing & Service Versioning

Distributed systems are hard. Building a microservices architecture that supports evolutionary changes without causing massive problems? Especially hard. In this podcast, Coté and Richard Seroter grabbed Pivotal employees Oliver Gierke, Kenny Bastani, and Andrew Clay Shafer to discuss microservices design and evolution.

Digital Disruption at Volkswagen Group: Is It All About Cars?

Herr Bornemann joins us to discuss the threats and opportunities of digital disruption to Volkswagen Group, as well as their strategy to minimize the threats and maximize the opportunities.

To Avoid Getting Caught in the Developer Skills Gap, Do This.

Some practical tactics that we know to solve for a growing challenge in the industry.

Troubleshooting Microservices With Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics 1.2

The new PCF Metrics 1.2 release makes troubleshooting less murder mystery and more drop-dead simple.

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