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JANUary 11, 2018

Tech Experts Forecast The Year Ahead
We’ve brought together some of the smartest minds to look ahead at what 2018 holds for software itself, as well as some of the industries it’s affecting.
 Onsi Fakhouri on Software Engineering Daily
Onsi Fakhouri, senior Vice President of R&D for cloud, joined the Software Engineering Daily podcast to discuss the strategy Pivotal takes when determining what products to build and more. 
Flexbox is Easy—When You Know How To Use It
Elliot Dahl explains how using flexbox in a consistent way across a team can be easy. 
BOSH Dominates Day 2 Operations (Ep. 55)
 Brian McClain and Bryan Friedman join Jeff and Dormain to dig into their findings in comparing BOSH, Ansible, and Chef,  share what surprised them most, and argue that BOSH isn't just for Cloud Foundry.
"We're Avoiding Cloud Tourism"
Mark Ardito, Divisional Vice President of Digital Delivery at HCSC deep dives into the company's journey into digital transformation at SpringOne Platform 2017. 
The Cloud-Native “Day 2 Provider”
Brannon Lacey, Vice President and GM of Cross Platforms at Rackspace, sat down with Built to Adapt to talk how the company will deploy and operate a fully-managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry solution across any infrastructure. 
Eric A. Brewer of Google at SpringOnePlatform 2017
Eric A. Brewer of Google talks about the company's vision on composable cloud services.
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