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January 19, 2016
Fresh New Look!
Our website just got a whole new look and feel. Check out all there is to learn, find materials to help you build, and then connect with our community!
Announcing Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.1: Cloud-Native Architecture for Enterprise Data

This new release brings cloud-native architecture to enterprise data processing.


How do you validate your new feature idea? What makes a successful PM? Pivots Jason Fraser, Michele Perras, and Jay Hum will answer your questions about Product Development with short video responses from @Pivotal on January 24th at 11am PST.

The Undying Death of JEE: Gartner, App Servers, and Cloud-Native

Gartner recently recommended avoiding JEE for new, cloud-native application development. This predictably kicked up all sorts of push-back from JEE stalwarts. In this episode, Coté and Pieter Humphrey discuss the report, the responses, and all the context to figure out what to make of all this.

We Need Your Help!

Improvements in Pivotal Cloud Foundry rely on conversations with people like you. If you want to directly impact Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we welcome your participation. Please fill out our short form to be considered for upcoming research studies.

How We Invalidated Our Solution in 10 Days

Pivotal Sydney's Aloka Penmetcha explains how they helped invalidate a health startup's solution in 10 days.

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