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APRIL, 12, 2018

Adaptability-as-a-Service with Kubernetes
How running your apps on Kubernetes makes them more tolerant to change.
What’s the Value of CI/CD?
A team that can’t ship, can’t learn.
The One True Platform for All .NET Workloads: Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Learn why Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the only platform that has you completely covered when it comes to container-based Windows workloads. 
Developing a Custom Concourse Resource
Brian McClain breaks down how to create your own Concourse resource and all of its capabilities. 
5 Cloud Foundry Summit Sessions that Operators Shouldn't Miss
Going to Cloud Foundry Summit 2018? Dormain Drewitz outlines 5 can't-miss sessions that operators shouldn't miss. 
A New Culture of Collaboration, Innovation at NGA (Ep. 66)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Jeff and Dormain speak with Keith Strini, head of the federal practice at Pivotal, and Timmy Richardson, lead cloud architect at NGA, about the agency's adoption of cloud-native technologies, development techniques, and how they are helping a new generation of military personnel accomplish their missions faster, safer, and more efficiently with software.
Improve Security and Developer Productivity with Service Instance Sharing in PCF 2.1
PCF 2.1 introduces a new capability that enables multiple development teams working on separate microservices to access the same backing services, while still giving those teams the isolation of responsibilities and roles that they require. 
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