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NOVEMBER 17, 2016
250k Containers in Production: A Real Test for the Real World

This new performance benchmark proves Cloud Foundry to be among the most scalable platforms available.

Why You Need to Change Your Culture to Survive as a Digital Industry
Pivotal CEO Rob Mee is featured in this story on Business Insider. Read his explanation of the whys and hows of the digital industry.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Goes Global with Microsoft Azure
Enterprises, rejoice! Pivotal and Microsoft now offer Cloud Foundry across Azure datacenters.
3X with Kent Beck
Extreme Programming pioneer Kent Beck stopped by our New York office to talk about the 3X model.
Our Unique Morning Culture
In the first episode of Pivotal Life, Parker and Caroline share how we begin the first 40 minutes of our days at Labs.
How Code Was Meant to be Written
To keep up with disruptive technologies in the industry, NBCUniversal had to make some changes. DIrector of Engineering Amar Sharma explains how they changed their software approach with Pivotal Labs.
Don’t Let Your Data Science Models Die a Lonely PowerPoint Death
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly talks to Kaushik Das about the importance of operationalizing data science models, why so many enterprises struggle to do so, and how a change of mindset is the key to success.
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