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FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Hawaii’s Missile Alert Blowup Shows Why Design is Essential to Software Development
How to avoid the Hawaii syndrome at your organization.
Hit the Gas to Stay Secure in a Cloud-Native World
Why speed is the key to cloud-native security.
Catching the Coding Bug
This week for Pivotal Voices, we’re featuring Denise Yu, Software Engineer at Pivotal London.
A Journey Of Mobile, Microservices, and Speed to Market
Dustin Bennett and Jermaine Davis present an overview of the mobile landscape at The Home Depot, where they are in the journey, and where they want to be.
Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.3
Check out the release highlights of Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.3, now generally available. 
How to Apply the Meltdown Fix to All Your Systems in Less than a Day
On the heels of  the Meltdown and Spectre incidents, Jared Ruckle explains how you can  survive an onslaught of unpredictable threats. 
Kubernetes, Serverless, and DevOps, with Paul "Czarkernetes" Czarkowski (Ep. 94)
In this episode, Richard and Coté talk with Pivotal's Paul Czarkowski about the history, purpose, and experience of running Kubernetes.
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