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December 22, 2016
Serverless Computing Heats Up as Pivotal Software Takes on Cloud Giants

James Watters discusses the new Spring Cloud Function with the Wall Street Journal.

On Becoming Agile
Not all agile transitions are created equal. Find out how different companies made the leap into agile.
Cloud Native at Home Depot
Home Depot has been using Pivotal Cloud Foundry and developing in the Pivotal way for over a year now. Thus far, they have roughly 150 applications running in PCF across all parts of their business. Coté and Richard Seroter talk with Tony McCulley about Home Depot’s journey putting cloud-native thinking and technologies in place.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.9 Sets The Bar On Massive Scale
Scaling your platform and your apps just got much easier (and more secure, too!)
Unwinding Platform Complexity with Concourse
Allstate's Matt Curry and Alan Moran talk about their journey with Concourse and share some pretty impressive results.
No, Machine Learning Won’t Lead To Killer Robots
Jeff Kelly speaks with Frank McQuillan about the realities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the enterprise and the potential impact of increasing automation on jobs.
A Client Perspective on Building Software at Pivotal Labs
Read Adam Fisher's post on his experience as a client with Pivotal Labs in Chicago.
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