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June 3, 2016
Kindness and Software, and You
Pivotal Labs engineer Tim Jarratt talks about why kindness is a core value for Pivotal. His article sheds light on two engagements, one that was kind, and one that wasn’t. While this is a post about software development, this one is about the behavior we put into the work. Read and learn why kindness is one of the most powerful behaviors we can teach.
The Data Science Behind Predictive Maintenance in Connected Cars
Cars are Getting Smart
Pivotal has extensive experience with platforms for the connected car. In this post, three of our data science experts give a deep dive on how these architectures work, using a predictive maintenance application. Besides an explanation of the problems, data sources, processing workloads, feature creation approaches, and machine learning algorithms, they offer several sets of sample code.
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Summer School is in Session

Learn the latest Pivotal technologies from the source by attending instructor-led training from Pivotal Academy. With classes now available through September - including many virtual options - summer is the perfect time to sharpen your skills or master a new domain. 

12 Factor App Cover
Beyond the Twelve-Factor App
While twelve factor applications are becoming more prevalent, there is enough buzz to confuse their meaning. This article is a preface to the book, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App: Exploring the DNA of Highly Scalable, Resilient Cloud Applicationsby Kevin Hoffman. It goes beyond an explanation of 12-factor apps and into cloud native applications—apps that thrive in the cloud. In it, Pivotal Advisory Solutions Architect, Kevin Hoffman, explains how we can build on the 12 factors, extending them with new learning, best practices, and richer patterns.
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