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APRIL, 05, 2018

Code Complexity is a Design Problem
Why design thinking could use a dose of engineering thinking.
Why You Should (And Can) Code with Compassion
The case for empathy in the workplace.
New in PCF 2.1: App & Container Identity Assurance via Automatic Cert Rotation
Learn how PCF 2.1 ensures trust and security throughout the application stack.
From Grumps to Transformation Metrics, the Questions We Get Asked (Ep.100)
It's the 100th episode of Pivotal Conversations! Coté and Richard discuss how to know when you're improving, how to deal with grumpy people, and more. 
Should That Be a Microservice? Part 3: Independent Life Cycles
In the third part of this series, Nate Schutta takes a look at independent life cycles and how microservices can help. 
Another Perspective on Interrupting Developers at Work
Why getting interrupted while pairing isn't as bad as you'd think.
The State (Pun Intended) of Cloud-Native Data (Ep. 65)
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Southwest Airline's Brian Dunlap, Redis Labs' Adi Foulger, and RedMonk's James Governor join Jeff and Dormain to talk cloud-native data and moving the conversation forward.
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