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JANUARY 04, 2018

Achieving Escape Velocity with Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0
Take an inside look at Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0. 

Metrics: The Fourth Secret of Successful Digital Transformers
During digital transformation, Dormain Drewitz explains why metrics are key for success.

Getting Smart with Containers, Outsourcing, and Data Science
RedMonk industry analyst and trend-watcher Fintan Ryan drops in on Built to Adapt to discuss how enterprises are investing in containers and organizational change.


Infrastructure as Code is Not Enough: Comparing BOSH, Ansible, and Chef - Part 2
In Part 2 of this series, Bryan Friedman takes a look at how Bosh, Ansible, and Chef compare for the Day 2 Operations Measure and Upgrade. 

Kim Bannerman and Meaghan Kjelland of Google at SpringOne Platform 2017
Kim Bannerman, Developer Relations Program Manager at Google, and Meaghan Kjelland, Software Engineer at Google, give a demo and presentation on how BOSH can be used to resurrect a Kubernetes node at SpringOne Platform 2017. 

Event-Driven Architectures, with Kenny Bastani (Ep. 88)
In this episode, Coté talks with Kenny Bastani about his talk on event-driven architectures, why you'd be interested in this architecture style, and the benefits of it.

The Contagious Platform
Rob Rose of Cerner explains how a few critical outages prompted the company to explore open source and cloud services.
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