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December 1, 2016
Volkswagen Prepares For Digital Transformation

We're proud to be a strategic partner for Volkswagen through its digital transformation journey.

Deal with Legacy Before it Deals with You
Helpful tactics from Coté on ensuring code hygiene and avoiding legacy problems caused by neglect.
The Alignment Anti-Pattern, Improving Developer Skills
Companies that want to get better at software are staffing and organizing themselves in new ways. In this episode, Coté and Richard look at a recent Cloud Foundry Foundation survey on developer skills and discuss some sections of Coté’s upcoming cloud-native journey booklet.
BOSHTwenty Years of Deployment Lessons in One Tool
Or as Colin Humphreys likes to call it: "Twenty Years of the Incompetent Things That I've Done Really, Really Badly"
Pivotal DOS Lets Enterprises Focus on Analytics
Pivotal Data Operations Services, or Pivotal DOS, is a managed service offering for Pivotal Greenplum and Pivotal HDB, the leading Hadoop native SQL database for analytics. In this episode, host Jeff Kelly speaks with Jacque Istok, head of field engineering for Pivotal data, about the benefits of this new service to enterprises and best practices for getting started with MPP analytics.
Transforming the Monolith at 20M TPH 
Find out how Comcast went from large monolithic deployments with 90-day cycle times to a series of lean and agile teams with cycle times measured in hours.
Submit a Prediction About Software in 2017!
We're collecting hypotheses, observations, and prophecies on how software will change and affect various industries in 2017. Submit yours and you may see it in a blog post this month.
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