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OCTOBER 12, 2017

Pivotal Expands Partner Program to Asia Pacific and Japan 
We’re proud to expand our partner program to Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), designed to help Asia-based enterprises build and operate software at startup speed using the Pivotal Cloud Foundry ® (PCF) platform.

Why Cars Will Become The Ultimate Mobile Device
Caleb Garling takes a look into the future of autonomous cars and the software and solutions they will require.

8-Point Grid: Vertical Rhythm
Elliot Dahl shows you how to establish vertical rhythm and set typography in an 8pt grid system in this post.
Spring One Platform

Velocity-as-a-Service: 5 Ways to Ship Like a Software Company
Richard Seroter explains the 5 key things an enterprise can do to ship with the speed and velocity of a software company. 

How to Use Topic Maps to Run Generative User Interviews
Hadrien Raffalli breaks down why topic maps are better suited than questionnaires for generative user interviews and the most effective way to build your own. 

From Monolith to a System of Systems (Ep. 46)
Oliver Gierke joins Jeff and Dormain to share his thoughts on refactoring monolithic applications using what he calls a system of systems approach.

Pivotal GemFire Now Available in the AWS Marketplace
Pivotal Gemfire is now available in the Amazon Web Services marketplace. Jon Roberts explains how easy it is to now run Gemfire on the industry's leading public cloud infrastructure.
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