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APRIL, 25, 2018
Combatting Adversarial AI
Forget about AI taking our jobs, let’s worry about the attackers aiming to weaponize it.
7 Tools and Tips for Tracking Your Experiments
Advice from several product managers on how to track your assumptions and hypotheses.
Adaptability-as-a-Service with Kubernetes
How running your apps on Kubernetes makes them more tolerant to change.
The .NET Renaissance is Happening Now 
Jared Ruckle talks to Shawn Neal, Advisory Solutions Architect at Pivotal Seattle, about the state of . NET, its future and more.
How to Craft a Conversion Funnel
In this excerpt from her recent book, UX Design for Growth, Molly Norris Walker details how to build products that grow their own user bases and more. 
Finding A Cloud-Native Home for Your Legacy Applications (Ep. 67)
 In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Solstice's Mike Koleno joins Jeff and Dormain to discuss where to run your legacy applications in a cloud-native world.
If You're Building IoT Apps, You Need a Modern Platform.
Take a closer look at Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Windows Azure. 
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