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November 02, 2017

Telstra Teams with Pivotal to Accelerate Transformation to Move at Startup Speed
On Oct. 3, Rob Mee and Andy Penn, CEO of Telstra, spoke at the joint Telstra/Pivotal office in Sydney to celebrate the partnership between Telstra and Pivotal and discuss innovative change happening both at Telstra and with Pivotal customers such as Macquarie Bank, NSW Government, and CoreLogic RP Data.

Why a Personal Brand is Necessary For Today’s Developer
Neha Batra explains why personal branding is more than self-promotion.

The Internet of Athletes: Playing The Numbers Game & Winning
How professional athletes are using data to drive success.
Spring One Platform

Digging into the DNA of Pivotal Greenplum 5.0 (Ep. 48)
Cesar Rojas and Jacque Istok join Jeff to talk about what's new in Greenplum 5.0, including multi-cloud support and even more advanced analytics capabilities.

9 Incredible Up-and-Coming Companies to Join Now
Glassdoor names Pivotal as one of the most incredible up-and-coming companies to join now.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.12, with Jared Ruckle (Ep. 82)
Coté and Seroter talk with Jared Ruckle about the new features and updates in Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.12.

Why Cloud-Native Enterprise Security Matters
Matt Stine looks at three principles of cloud-native security and explains an approach that addresses the increasing volume and velocity of threats.
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