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december 21, 2017

"Culture Will Eat Strategy for Lunch"
Niki Allen,  Director of the Office of the CIO and Chief of Staff at Boeing, presents on Boeing's transformation journey at SpringOne Platform 2017. 

Creating Fusion at a Fortune 15 Company with 50K Employees
Jim Shingler, Director of Office of Development Transformation at Cardinal Health, explains how his team helps empower people through embedded coaching, pairing, conducting regular retrospectives (sans managers), and defining product owners. 

The Past, Present, and Future of Infrastructure and Application Deployment
Paul Czarkowski talks Paas, Kubernetes, DevOps, and containers, their history and where they'll be in 2018. 


In 2018, Clear Out Your Portfolio Underbrush Before You Have to Burn it All Down
Before you finally embark on your digital transformation in 2018, do these things first.

Infrastructure as Code is Not Enough: Comparing BOSH, Ansible, and Chef - Part 1
Bryan Friedman compares and breaks down the "infrastructure as code" tools; BOSH, Ansible and Chef. 

Going Cloud-Native at Orange France (Ep. 53)
 Xavier Perret joins Jeff and Dormain to share the story of Orange France's ongoing digital transformation.

Death and DevOps
Dormain Drewitz explains how dealing with unfortunate things shape a culture.
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