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February 2, 2017
Transforming with Pivotal: Health Care Service Corporation

Mark Ardito talks about his company's digital transformation with the help of Pivotal.

Data Science How-To: Using Apache Spark for Sports Analytics
Chris Rawls shows how he used Apache Spark to show the rise in 3-point shot attempts in the NBA.
Optimizing the Customer Experience with Dynatrace and Pivotal Cloud Foundry
In this episode, Jeff Kelly discusses the evolution of the application performance management market and more with Dynatrace's Mike Villiger.
Allstate's Agile Journey and Product Mindset
Opal Perry and Peter Logothetis share how they approached setting up Allstate's Compozed Labs all over the world, and how this journey strengthened the business for the future.
PC 48
Avoid the Ninja Anti-Pattern, Planning Out Your Cloud Platform Project
How do containers fit into your cloud-native planning? Coté and Richard Seroter discuss this with guest John Feminella and explore ways to build a cloud platform.
Pivotal Partner Days
We started Pivotal Partner Days to provide hands-on training for our partners. Here's a great recap of our 3-day collaborative workshops.
Spring Boot Developer Course
Learn how to create enterprise-ready applications using Spring Boot with hands-on training. Virtual class runs March 7 - 8.
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