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October 27, 2016
What Should Your IT Team Be For Halloween?

We know your IT folks may be a tad too busy to think up an appropriate costume. So we made this fun quiz to help pick out just the right one!

What Happens When No One and Everyone Owns a Product?
Cornelia Davis explains how DevOps can help your team own and build products.
How to Train Your Microservice
Find out how Dreamworks Animation is changing its movie-making culture by embracing a microservice platform.
How Automakers and the IoT Are Colliding to Save Lives
Here's how Pivotal is helping the largest German manufacturer alert drivers of dangerous weather conditions.
My Gender is Emoji Pizza Unicorn: Expanded Gender Options at Pinterest
Learn how Tilde Ann Thurium convinced the folks at Pinterest to build and ship expanded gender options.
Data Podcast Ep 6
Does Data Need its Own DevOps Moment?
In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly speaks with Elisabeth Hendrickson, head of R&D for Pivotal's data portfolio, about how agile and DevOps might be applied to data analytics, what it would mean from a people and process perspective, and how data analytics technologies would need to evolve to support it.
Why Should You Continuously Deliver?
Tushar Dadani shares some lessons he learned in his pursuit of a continuously delivered platform.
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