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March 8, 2018

Matthew Parker elaborates on the benefits of practicing test-driven development, and also why you shouldn’t be afraid of refactoring.
Refrigerator Ladies
The story of ENIAC, the first completely electronic computer, and the women who made it possible.
Death of the Cubicle Farm 
Watch Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, and John Heveran, CIO of Liberty Mutual, talk to Susan Hobbs, Partner at Crunchfund, about the future of work.
Can Blockchain Help Feed the Hungry?
Why the World Food Program wants to build a blockchain aid ecosystem.
Letter to a Junior Product Manager
Some advice for those who’ve chosen product management as a career.
Announcing Pivotal Cloud Cache V1.3
 Pivotal Cloud Cache V1.3 tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now GA! Deep dive into new features and other highlights of this release.
Security Processes and Culture, with Molly Crowther (Ep. 96)
Security is more about finding holes and devising patches. For one, once you find those holes and have a patch, you have to make sure everyone not only knows about them but applies them. Coté and Richard talk to Molly Crowther about how Pivotal is doing this both inside Pivotal and with customers in the latest episode of Pivotal Conversations.
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